the quicksilver

the quicksilver

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Born free three

Show bikes

On the way down with the homies


Exorcists delight!!!!

Jonny is the man, he restored this 66' from a barn fire!

New fuel bottle that I'm sporting is from my boy brendon, thank you!!

Built to run!

Built in 66' real shit!!

Wils knuckle

Dogs shovel!

Turk is killing it!!
Chain errrthangg!!

South bay dragons bike painted by no other than Horst!!

Roberts radical rider

Mike ds Knuck.

Scott craigs Knuck

Jeffs Knuck

Polgreens Knuck

Jasons Knuck

J loves pan

Dick Allen


  1. Saw your bike at the show, but didn't catch you. Just wanted to say a what"s up... Rolled down to the show with ex CAPiTA shred Tyler Lepore (won best British bike) and Ashley ( smashed tank, coke mirror, Bear ,change, shovel head)
    Good show, maybe catch ya next year.

  2. Damn dude yeah that's too bad we didn't run into eachother. There was so many people there, many were missed. Are you living in ca.

  3. nah , we rolled down from Vancouver , took 2 weeks to just do a slow roll down the coast and then back up... beauty down there... Can live without the LA traffic , but once you hit the coast there is some really nice shit out there. Oregon too, tons of free camping, river side with hot springs ect... was a rad little trip.

  4. Whoa that's cool tj. Well anytime
    Your around you will have to let me know and come on by. I got buddies leaving for hood tonight to go join up at the Mecca!