the quicksilver

the quicksilver

Sunday, June 27, 2010

48 hummer

just picked up this little guy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

little joeys mini bike

wils neighbor had a little scooter and cracked his frame in 2 pieces. well he was in the right place at the right time as warren welded it back together and got him running again. lil joe hung around the bikes all weekend. as a kid that is an event that could change ones life, i know when i was a kid motorcycle peers were my role models..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

shots from the road

joshs pan

lots of real cool fab work done on this one!!he let me take her for a spin so fun!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another great thing that happened because born free

i have been trying to buy this frame for the past 4 and a half years and finally its mine. i had never even seen it in the light and finally it was my turn to pull her out. when we got her back to dans i had already had plans to start stripping her down as i had a very good feeling about a old painjob ounder neath this tacky red overspray. as i stripped her down the frame started to tell me a crazy tale......the molding on the downtubes must of had some crazy one off flame tips or whatever that they cut right off with a torch same on the rears..

epic video of me hitting 100 on candy man with sunscreen on my nose!

so free

even sugar bear was there, also pictured is a 37 knuck by rudy

born free

there was alot of carnage of old iron for folks in route to the show, jeremiah from chi town blows his cases out the frame, a shovel at the show had same thing blown cases, jeremiah in phx blew a chunk out his trans case, another dude blew out his kicker cover etc etc..

the goods


This trip was one of the most memorable trips of all time!
story time: I finished the bike friday blasted 250 miles sat. sun packed and took off on monday morning in route for moab.. I started to have my first troubles 150 miles out when i lost a screw on my ratchet lid that evidently got trapped under my drive belt... i stopped and tighten everything up to find a quarter inch tear in the belt, but i had to keep pushing on as i had barely gotten anywhere yet. 25 miles later whaaaaaa rap. half the belt goes flying off haaha. i kept on goin and stopped to cool the bike down on the colorado river, and the spot i just happened to stop at was the largest river wave in north america, it was carnage out there as there were guys dropping in on the left on surfboards and on the right with kayaks, as they would dodge trees and debris as it shot down river! this place was a hit. i continue on cruising into utah where at some point i lost my helmet so i backtrak a few miles lookin for it but none to be found. i make it to moab 104 degrees but a very beautiful place to camp. set up cam p and saw what the town had to offer me. the next morning i got a early start for vegas, cruising on half a belt 55mph, the last gas station for 110 miles had a good biker gathering and i saw a couples guys from the day before who recognized me as the guy on the side of the road on a rigid. this guy hector and his wife gave me a skull flamed helmet and a gas can full for my journey, thanks..i got to mesquite nevada 115 degrees now plus another 15 degrees on the fresh paved road ayayi..i stop in to the abercrombie store.. i mean the hd dealer, to get some 70 weight oil. what a joke no one would even help me out in there so i left the gay embroidered shirt section and took off from there leaving my droppings of oil at there front door..i bear thru and make it to vegas when i call chico in washington and tell himk im in desperate need of a garage to make some repairs, chico being the social bunny that he is has eric and brent lined right up waiting for me, i party at the excalibur and crashed there then head to erics in the morning, he threw a weld on my brake sprocket that was about to bust off, and i changed the belt with my spare,and tighten shit up.. thank you very much eric for all your hospitality, his wife sent me on the road with an amazing fried pork chop and eggs meal, \a mans meal..that day i make it to bacons for some more R and R (REST AND REPAIR>thanks for your hospitality dan. we shoot down to the city to get harpoons 50 pan running that dan had just rebuilt, ran great and the poon daddy had smiles for miles after the first ride. next day we went to my secret spot to check parts and the guy finally let go a frame i have been chasing for 4.5 years, that is going to be another story after this long one. later on in the day Dan gets a sweet 65 chev truk og paint and we went to negotiable tims amazing place.the next day dudes started showing up. jeremiah from chi town shows up with a bloooown out engine on the bak of a aaa truk. he started it up, fuking hilarious metal shardfs and gulps of oil gushed like the exxon valdez,next warren and the haint crew show up, everyone does repairs then we leave for the city for a party, me and warren lose the pack in the city so we shoot to wils house who has my favorite bike i saw all week, generator shovel kiyo tanks ,amazing everything etc... wil thank you very much for letting us crash for a couple nights,we went to the pre party and called it an evening after one last ride,the next day was the show we had a big pack leave from wils, turbo gets hit on the way to the show by a car in the roundabout fukin sux, dislocated his shoulder. we get to the show at 10 am and the streets were already packed!!! the show was so so goooood!! i am very honored to say just to top off how sweet the trip already was, i won first place best shovelhead on the candy man!!!!!! that night we went to see the ramonahs who are amazing,on the way i ran into bacons rear tire with julie on the bak, classic move.. when we got there me warren nick nick gaku and jeremiah straight crushed the dance floor as everyone stepped back and and nick spritz eachother with beer in the face. jeremiah wore his raccoon hat the whole weekend and put chiks in headlocks. sunday wil had a big bbq which was a all day event and by the time it was over it was dark out.dans truck had 4 people and 2 bikes so jeremiah needed to ride on the back of my bike 85 miles, we take off and a mile down the road there go my lights, we say fuck it candy man can and we blasted all the way to the desert 90-100 mph in the dark almost getting hit by semis, we even had a cop pull out right in front of us and didnt know we were there. he hits his light and i thought we were done but he just takes off real fast ahahahahha....monday i wrap it up and head for arizona, this leg of the trip i had most breakdowns probably because the night befores 100mph ride..i had to stuff two tampons in my tranny fill plug so my girl would stop leaking. i made it to phx and call the other jeremiah and went to his morning we went to his cool ass shop and made more repair and i also changed out my oil. took off that day for the mtns with ben on his shovel and met all the Armentas at this beatiful hanging lake, we camped told stories and ate lots of food.. thank you very much j love!!! now its wed morning i leave early and head for the reservation, this was insane the roads were cracked every 12 feet i did some repair at a gas staion and weirdos started coming out the woodwork i felt like they were slipping out of cactus or something, i start getting a little harrassed and realize i should hit it, it was sketchy there would be random dudes in the middle of absolutely nowhere trying to get rides and carjack you and if i would stop the flick me off and give me shitty faces haah..i also hit 80 miles of the most gnarly sandstorm of my life, im still pickin the grit out of my teeth, southern colorado had beauty as far as the eye could see even a very cool 300 foot raging waterfall, i couldnt stop ther because i was on a race for time as my light were fucked again after i had already gotten a different toggle and even hardwired into my ignition. i got 90 miles from home and no light i say im going for it, i smushed myself inbetween two cars anmd i think they got the point as they led me home, i made it!!! 14.5 hours yesterday on the road no lunch break nothing but fill gas and blast off, it was some serious dedication to get home. all in all, best trip in a very long time. i am truly sorry if you missed it.A huge thanks to mike grant poon and josh for so much dedication and absolutely everything was free!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

nothing worse than bad head

so finally after two bad valve jobs i was able to trade pete from front range a knuck head for a beautiful 66 rebult shov head.. thanks alot pete. now this bike has been officially gone thru... new front end ,wheels ,tires, front brake, ignition, generator, coil, distributor, carb, wiring, petcock,battery and some more hah... I blasted 250 miles yesterday thru sun and rain and not a hiccup. thank you candy man for allowing me to ride your bike...

saturday in denver

I rode candy man down to the city yesterday and swung thru at the deluxe get together.