the quicksilver

the quicksilver

Saturday, August 28, 2010


kICKED over on about the millionth kick so fuckin stoked... i was a little excited if you couldnt tell..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pink pony is comin

I finally finished the sissy bar and got her back up on her feet with a new rubber in the rear. stay tuned for the start up, i just need a 6 volt generator..

Monday, August 23, 2010

candy man surfs

I am properly dressed for a full barrell like this...
colleen swartz caught these amazing photos!! check her out here


Monday, August 16, 2010

7 years worth waitin for

dreams do come true. i always wanted a good set of tanks for my 50 and especially always wanted them to be aqua blue...does anyone have the left badge? as teach would say its for the kids

rad video cANdy man. cy .bacon. julie. pinner

candy man

so i just had the best trip ever to sturgis!! it started with me in the mountains riding my candy man bike "tities and beer is why were here" that pulls a matching trailer went to denver to meet bacon and julie, basically as soon as i barely pull up my generator shoots a shit. julie had to work till 2 am so we had time to fix the bike, before heading to berthoud where her parents live, no luck on the fix because it was the cycle elec combo and the reg. went bad, julie gets out and we say fuck it lets go, me and candy love ridin no lights in the middle of the night so we did 40 miles 3 am no lights if youve never done this i advise you try, i was blastin down the road staring in the sky and watched an amazing shooting star and thought to myself how lucky am i! day 2 we take off julie and bacon on the 46 and her dad on the stock 51, me just running on battery getting jumps from cars the whole ride up. we camped at the broken spoke where the tities and beer bike lived to it name so righteously!!! racing teach on his 39 and jeff on his 49 and cy and others on the dirt track with the trailer on my bike, in the straightaway i would stand up on the seat and jesus surf, did it twice good and the third time around i get up and bike starts to fall over so i olympic dive ninja roll crash off it and the bike goes crashing into the ditch and flys up in the air!!! i was on my way to the hot tub so i was wearing my work boots bathing suit and t shirt and survived!! fucking awesome..
partyparty party, then on the cycle source run we are cruisin 50mph down a huge hill and turn so i hit the brakes alittle just thinking what a beautiful day when BBAAAAAMMM!!! I look back and kendal has his front wheel on my trailer lookin so sketchy, i pull away a little and rrrrrrrr.r.r.r.r the trailer goes fishtailin he drops off does some sketchy ass fuck manuver downshifts and pulls out, that was fuckin scary his brake linkage broke!!!! party party did a fat ass burnout with the trailer on at the led sled trailer!! party party then lots of tities and beer!!! i cant tell everything.... on the way home its me robert pinner on his knuck, bacon and julie, cy, and john graff, charging hard all day battling breakdowns, im pulling 100mph showing dan how to haul a trailer when i look back and the trailer is soaked dripping in oil and smoking like a bong, and everyone behind me is wiping there faces and glasses waving there hand no.. no more!!! haha i blew the candy man up in cheyenne wy, not to worry i will be resurecting her with a bigger displacement..