the quicksilver

the quicksilver

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I got this pan when i was 21 from a older guy i used to work for. 2 summers before he convinced me to buy a 1968 fl shovel from him which ended up being my first motorcycle and at that point i had no clue of the sickness that was to come. the pan was my first exp. with jockey suicide and he threw me right on it, i paid him for the bike and kicked her over, i shifted to first gear and rode off, the bike was running barely and it was just chugging and puffing up the hill (maybe 5mph), i really didnt know much about old bikes still at this point so i just went along with it took it up the block and back..longer story short ive been workin on this bike to this day and it went thru a complete overhaul. i got rid of everything except motor and trans and built a bike with more original has already been thru a few changes, im not happy with the way it is now, so back to the drawing board.

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