the quicksilver

the quicksilver

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a weekend

Here's some more
Random pics from this weekends madness thanks again to jeremiah and Robert and jay and all others that came
And made this weekend possible!! We were surrounded by good friends and laughter booze weed and choppers were in the air!!!!!Congratulations to all my friends we almost swept the winnings at the show. Daddy doogs won best knuckle Jason won best pan
Robert won best shovel Eddie won best Ironhead and Davey was awarded best honarary British by the haifley bros!!! This was cool man.

We're I slept in heaven!!!

Dave with his beauty
Of a 1942 Knuck. I got my engraved heads from
Him!! Great seeing you

ATr nick trying
To get rid of me

Get em Shawn.


  1. What a weekend. Pleasure meeting you guys us Utah boys had a blast ..

  2. Good seein you homie...get down to salinas soon lets do some wheelies thru the hood..!!!

  3. Fuck yea dudes it was an amazing weekend. Thanks for coming out!!!!

  4. Don't bug me when I am jacking off.